Kestrel is a protagonist and one of the two narrators of The Winner's Trilogy. She is a brilliant strategist and a talented pianist.


Born to a soldier father and a now-deceased mother, Kestrel is a member of the upper class of Valoria, an empire with vast influence in the series world. At the beginning of the series (which is also the main drive throughout the whole series), Valoria has conquered Herran and enslaved the Herrani's (Herran's people). In the book it actually says she is 17 not 18.

Her role throughout the trilogyEdit

She is best friends with another Valorian woman, Jess, whose brother, Ronan, fancies Kestrel. She was also friends with a Valorian man named Benix until his death at the hands of Herrani revolutionaries. Her father is a prominent general in the Valorian military.

The Winner's CurseEdit

Kestrel's turn dramatically changes when she impulsively buys a Herrani slave, Arin, whom she eventually falls in love with. At the end of the first book, she strikes a deal with the Valorian emperor and agrees to marry the emperor's son in exchange for the sparing of Herranis' lives, including Arin's.

The Winner's CrimeEdit

Kestrel's character takes her turn when she upped her game in the second book. She plays against the emperor and indirectly to her father when she chose to spy for Teren. She acts as a spy in the court with assistance from Teren, Arin's second, unbeknownst to Arin himself. She uses a special kind of moth as her deception and mostly succeeds in fooling the people in her court.

The Winner's KissEdit

Upon finding out Kestrel has betrayed her own country, the emperor sentenced her to a labour camp way up North, supported by her father General Trajan's cruelty. She was devastated. In the midst of trying to find ways to escape from the camp, she couldn't help but wonder if anyone was on their way to save her as she was in her darkest.

After her rescue, she takes some time recovering and slowly starts to form a friendship with Sarsine and Arin. In Arin's case, they started becoming more than just friends and leaders. 


Kestrel has a strong sense of honor, which is often depicted in her actions in the trilogy. She is described as being aware of the immoral things her country, Valoria, subjects themselves to, as she was born into a military and holds a high status in court, yet she is unsure of how to correct the wrongdoings of her people. She is also described as a brilliant strategist, who her father, a military general, would consult before making any final decisions shown in the second book, The Winner's Crime.

Kestrel's best weapon is her words, as she is not a gifted physical fighter, which can be seen in The Winner's Curse. However, that does not shrink her down in her society, in fact, people look up to her on that and she uses it to her advantage. 

She is noted to be a skilled player of a popular Valorian strategy game, Bite' and Sting. She is courageous and strong-willed, and charming when she needs to be. She is also a talented pianist. 

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